Bluetooth 4.2+EDR 2-in-1 Wireless Transmitter & Receiver TOSLINK Digital Optical and 3.5mm Audio Adapter aptX Low Latency

Mixcder TR008 Bluetooth Wireless Transmitter and Receiver

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    • The Advanced Bluetooth CSR Transmitter and Receiver: TX mode - Connect with non-bluetooth 3.5mm audio jack devices (desktop/TV/MP3/MP4) and let them be used as wireless. RX mode - receive your favorite music from phone or tablet, lets car and home audio play streaming stereo.
    • Minimise Audio Delay: aptX low latency supports a latency of less than 40ms, so you can watch TV and listen to music with high-fidelity stereo sound, lag-free content streaming in dual mode.
    • Digital Optical, 3.5mm and RCA: three different connection options for compatibility with a wide range of devices.You get maximum flexibility with support for both 3.5mm (AUX and RCA) and optical (TOSLINK) digital, both input and output are supported.
    • Pair 2 at once: TX transmitter mode can pair with two Bluetooth headphones or speakers simultaneously.
    • Small Piece, Long Standby: Internal battery provides up to 12-20 hours of using after 2-2.5 hr charging, support charging and streaming at the same time, and automatically re-pair with existing paired devices.


    Bluetooth version CSR8670 BT4.2+EDR
    Support Profile A2DP
    RF Send Class II (-6dBm~ +4dBm)
    Transmission Range(Hz) 2.40GHz-2.48GHz
    Sensitivity -90dBm
    Transmission Distance
    (Indoor)TX : Single: More than 18m; Two devices: 10m
    (Outdoor)TX : Single: More than 15m; Two devices: 8m
    (Indoor)RX: More than 15m; (Outdoor)RX: More than 10m;
    Pass PIN Code 0000
    Pairing Name TR008
    Li-battery Capability 500mAh
    Playing time RX 12Hours; TX 20Hours
    Charging time 2-2.5H
    Charging Mode Micro USB 5V/1A

    Package Contents
    1*Mixcder TR008 Wireless transmitter and receiver
    1*3.5mm audio cable
    1*3.5mm stereo jack adaptor
    1*TOSLINK optical S/PDIF audio cable
    1*3.5mm to RCA adapter
    1*Micro USB charging cable
    1*User manual


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  1. genclaymore
    "Very Good Little Transmitter"
    Pros - Small,Light,Analog,Digital,Can be charged and used at the same time,Dual Headphone or Speaker usage, Range
    Cons - Spdif limited to PCM
    I wanna thank Mixcder for allowing me to review the TR008 wireless 2 in 1 wireless transmitter.

    After you open the box up, you will notice how small it is. It’s really no bigger then a deck of playing cards if not a tad smaller. Due to it size, You can easy place it any where around your home or desk.

    When you look at the rear of the unit, you will see the 3.5mm, Optical, USB charger port and the power button. On the side of it, you will see the TX and RX slider and the pairing button. On the top at the edge is the location of the lights.
    [​IMG] [​IMG]
    With the transmitter devices I had in the past, you could not use it while it was charging. I glad this isn’t the case with the TR008,being able to keep it powered while in use will make it very handy. There was no static or line noise in the audio, when I tried to use it while it was charging. Charging to me is quick as it took around 2 hours for it to full charge.

    They supply you with all the cables you will need in the box. Short Male RCA to 3.5 female, male 3.5 to male 3.5 adapter so the RCA 3.5 cable can be used to connect the TR008 to a Stereo Amp, TV and any other output or input device. Optical, Charger cable and finally a 3.5 male to 3.5 male cable, they also not really that long, I would say 3 or 4Ft if not close to that. The fact that they gave you cables so you don’t have to get them buy them your self is a plus.
    Pairing devices is an easy set, simply turn on the transmitter, press the pair button to put it in pair mode or hold it. To pair a second device hold it down til the light turns green then press again it again to pair.

    When Paired with either two speakers or headphones, both will play audio at the same exact time. Which many will find handy if there playing a game in local co-op with a friend, or sharing there favorite song or movie. Not really a major issue but while you can share the source with two people, you can not mute either one or switch between them. Not really an issue since you can just turn off the second device.

    The range on the transmitter to me is very good as I was able to move around my apt, close doors and still be-able to hear audio without an issue. But I did pick up some static but I don’t think it was the transmitter that was the issue, but the Bluetooth Headphones I was using.

    I don’t have any thing to try out the optical on the TR008 in regards to output, the first thing you should know is the optical does not support any thing other then PCM. If you try to use Dolby Digital or DTS, you will get no audio. So make sure you set your TV or console to PCM in its options. But other then that I didn’t have any issues at all sending audio from an Asus xonar DS sound card into the TR008 in TX mode.

    The 3.5mm jack worked very well with my jotunheim, the volume was an tad bit lower then normal in compare to my other sources.The volume was still good enough as it sound good.The only issue I had was related to my smartphone causing the audio to skip since it did not support APTX like the transmitter.

    Mixcder does a very good job with the TR008,unlike the transmitter in the past that I have owned. I can only think of one thing but it very minor. Being able to decode Dolby and DTS codecs would be an addition in the future.

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