Meier Audio Daccord

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  1. flyby
    "Music enthusiast brief impressions"
    Pros - Very neutral and transparent.
    Cons - Switches could be centered better in the front plate.
    Like in a case of Corda Classic, I bought Daccord to work in pair with mentioned Meier's amp and Ultrasone Pro900. Some of impressions are just copy - paste from my review of the Corda.
    Case is very sturdy and build quality at the high level, switches could be centered better in the front plate. Music is very neutral, I have had possibility to listen to my music for a while in a professional studio, and Meier Classic with Daccord is just a reference piece of kit. Have in mind I have listened to speakers and with such system you have headphones so differences are undoubtful but linearity can be heard well. Sound of my Xonar Essence ST is definetly harsh, impure, and unable to play some passages in my music, no problema with Daccord.
    In blind tests With Corda Classic I was able to distinguish my music in mp3 320kbs from .wav (about 90% of hit). Crossfeed is nice feature but I don't use it, for me it makes sound more mellow, and so tonal balance, some would say it sound more analogue.  Can't hear difference between USB SPDIF input connection. I can't hear it in a path.
    Summary: very neutral and transparent. Awesome customer support.
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