JVC HAX580 DJ Style Monitor Headphones

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  1. BearSpace
    "About what you expect"
    Pros - affordable and comfortable
    Cons - muddy bass, cheap feel and to long a cord
    These were an impulse buy while at Ross or Tj Maxx with my wife after losing a pair of Sony MDR-V250V's and not really knowing much about headphones.  I would not recommend these to anyone serious about their sound.  Even though they boast an extended frequency response both ways (7-21,000 Hz), it is not noticeable on the high end and only serves to make things muddy on the low end.  In addition, I listen to much of my music on the go and there are two flaws in these headphones that make them a poor choice for this.  First, they are not closed, both letting in noise and letting out music.  Second, they have an obnoxiously long cord measuring in at almost 10 feet which has to be partially wrapped to prevent dragging.