The Harman GLA-55 high-end two-piece speaker system has been engineered to raise the bar and...

Harman Kardon GLA-55 2.0-Powered Loudspeaker System (Clear)

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  • The Harman GLA-55 high-end two-piece speaker system has been engineered to raise the bar and deliver the industry reference standard in computer audio. No desktop system before has merged art and science so beautifully and so functionally. Offering versatility in its function, the Harman Kardon GLA-55 system is a stylized multimedia focal point, boasting breathtaking beauty, functionality and impeccable sonic performance. Combining numerous proprietary technologies, the GLA-55 system delivers clear and accurate high-impact sound with a large soundstage. Arguably the best 2.0 speaker system ever engineered, it integrates beautifully with home and office decor, and is perfect for audio enthusiasts looking for an audiophile-quality sound experience.

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  1. gradofan1
    "WOW. Best 2.0 system ever."
    Pros - Great treble with accurate dedicated tweeters; Slick looking design; Limited Edition (3000 made only); Has a subwoofer out option
    Cons - Kinda expensive, but definitely worth the investment.
    These are just simply amazing. I'm surprised there hasn't been a review on head-fi about these. I've been through 8-10 computer speakers and these are the best for the money.
    If you think the Harman Kardon Soundsticks III are good, the GLA-55 (get it? GLA55 looks like glass?) kicks their butt. 
    I've never heard such good bass from 3 inch midrange drivers that have to cover mid and bass frequencies. It's a 2.0 system without a subwoofer, but there is a subwoofer out option on the right speaker if you REALLY want more bass. I don't think that's necessary for 95% of people though. The 2 tweeters provide stunningly accurate highs without being sibilant at all, which is difficult to do. Can blast LOUD, enough to throw a small rave in my dorm ;P
    These look really slick too, like something from an art gallery. Relatively compact on my desk because there's no sub (not a 2.1, but again, has the option of being a 2.1). 
    And they're limited edition of 3,000. So get one before they're all gone!
    The only downside is the relative price. Oh well. It's still less than an HD800 or HD700 or GS1000i. So suck it up and try out some speakers instead of headphones for a change!

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