May 14, 2011
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    Headphone Inventory:
    Koss ksc75 - The only good sounding sub $100 headphone recommended by people on this site - as I've learned most people here are delusional and don't really care about midrange presence.

    Crappy turtle beach hpa2's

    AT-AD700's - horrible, recessed midrange with lots of sibilance and fatiguing highs. Nice soundstage.

    Fischer FA-011 - not enough mids, bass = meh. Nice colored warm sound yet hot treble. Nice soundstage.

    AKG k240 Studio 55ohm - Mids and soundstage are okay, but the bass is really cheap sounding and the upper mids and treble
    are scratchy.

    AKG k271 MkII - Overall pretty nice mids with the lower mids lacking. The same scratchy treble/upper
    mids of the k240. Better bass and overall clarity than the k240 when driven well. This headphone is worth buying.

    Koss dj100 - Boring pedestrian sound, yet very colored. The mids are the best part, but still boring and not as good or clear as the k271. The highs are nicely rolled off and non fatiguing, but have almost no detail.
    Power-Related Components:
    Vintage Sansui 7070
    Other Audio Equipment:
    Pair of vintage Polk Monitor 7B with peerless
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