Jan 6, 2011
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Sales executive, partnership in family businesses

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    Sales executive, partnership in family businesses
    Parrots & Tropical & Marine fish
    Headphone Inventory:
    JH Audio JH-3A + JH16 (Pre Order)
    JH Audio JH13
    JH Audio JH16
    Westone ES5
    Westone 4
    Westone 3
    Earsonics SM3
    Ultimate Ears TF10 (UM Remould)
    Klipsch Custom 3
    klipsch Image X10i
    Sennheiser IE8 (Silver cable)
    Ultimate Ears Triple Fi 10
    Monster Miles Davis Tribute
    Turbine Pro Copper
    Beats Tour Control Talk (sold)

    Sennheiser HD800 + Piccolino / TWag V2 / TWspc / Alo 18awg
    Audez'e LCD-2 rev2 + Piccolino
    Grado GS1000
    Sennheiser HD600 + silver cabled (sold)
    Sennheiser HD595 (siver wire recabled)
    Sony XB500
    Sennheiser HD228
    Sennheiser HD438
    Beats Solo
    Headphone Amp Inventory:
    Audio GD Pheonix (Piccolino + TWag V2 internally rewired)
    Headroom Balanced Desktop Amp/DAC

    RSA SR-71B
    iBasso PB2 Pelican
    Meier Stendance
    iBasso D4
    Alo Rx
    Alo Rx MKII
    Pico Slim
    Source Inventory:
    Calyx 24/192 DAC
    Lite Audio DAC-83

    HifiMan HM602
    RWA iMod 80gb
    iPod Touch 3rd Gen 32gb
    iPod Classic 8th Gen 160gb
    iPod nano 4th Gen 16gb
    iPhone 4 32gb
    iPhone 3gs 16gb
    Cowon D2+
    Cable Inventory:
    Custom earphone cables:
    Crystal Piccolino
    TWag V1 OM Hirose Balanced
    TWag V2 OM
    TWag V2 OM RSA Balanced
    TWag V2 Eclipse OM RSA Balanced
    Custom silver cable
    Custom silver plated copper cable

    Stock JHA 2x clear & 2x black cables
    Stock westone black cable

    Custom Headphone Cables:
    HD800 Crystal Piccolino
    LCD-2 Crystal Piccolino
    HD800 TWag V2
    HD800 TWspc
    HD800 Alo occ 18
    LCD-2 8 Wire TWag V2

    Line Out Docks:
    Crystal Piccolino
    Crystal Piccolino Low Profile
    Crystal Piccolino Ultra Low Profile
    Crystal Piccolo
    TWag V2 with modified USB charging dock
    TWag V2 ultra Low Profile x 3 + 1 Eclipse
    Alo triple pipe cryo
    and about 10 other including ones made with pure gold wires.

    Mini to Mini:
    Crystal Piccolino
    Crystal Piccolo
    TWag V2
    TWag V2 Eclipse

    Other Cables:
    Crystal Piccolino iPod dock to RCA
    Crystal Piccolo iPod dock to RCA
    Crystal Piccolino Female RSA to Dual 3 Pin XLR
    Crystal Piccolino Female Hirose to mini
    Crystal Piccolino Female Hirose to RSA Balanced
    Crystal Piccolino Hirose to Hirose
    TWag V2 female Hirose to mini
    TWag V2 female Hirose to Dual 3 Pin XLR
    TWag V2 Hirose to Hirose
    TWag Dual 3 Pin XLR to Hirose
    TWag 4 Pin XLR to Hirose
    Crystal dreamline USB cable
    Piccolino Coax cable
    Piccolino XLR male to XLR female x2
    Piccolino data cable (Pheonix)
    Piccolino DC cable x2 (Pheonix)
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