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    Student, audio DIYer
    NOS vacuum tubes hunting
    Games. Anime. Many others...
    Headphone Inventory:
    grado SR125i
    Audio Technica ATH-AD500X modded
    'The not so Porta but Pro' (Koss Porta Pro) heavily modded by replacing stock cables to detachable cables made with Kimber Kable. (
    Beyerdynamic Custom One Pro (with kimber kable internal mod and SPC 3.5 connector)
    Beyerdynamic DT990
    MDR7506 Sony Modded with Kimber TC cable
    Fostex T50RP MK3 (Stock)
    Creative E mu Walnut

    1964 ears V2
    KZ ZST (Piece of crap)
    KZ ZS5 + SPC upgrade (Good stuff)
    Xiaomi Piston
    Xiaomi earpiece pro2 (Something like that?)
    VE Monk+ Balanced

    Hifiman HE350 (modded to SPC with the removal of filter paper at neodymium magnet and sold)
    Headphone Amp Inventory:
    O2 with opamp upgrade (gain stage OPA2132PA, driver stage 2x AD823AN) Great combo for portables. A/B X compared with DX100 on board amp. Sounds slightly more transparent, noticably more refined and slightly broader soundstage, slightly darker background, instruments separated much better, more natural vocals though it lost a little vocal depth (still more than acceptable imo) when compared to DX100. Volume is balanced as close as possible in the vocal region. It will be a matter of preference for a fuller sound or more transparent sound. Comparison done using T50RP MK3.


    ELEKIT TU-8200 12AU7+KT88 amp, upgraded Solen coupling caps, ELNA cathode bypass caps, Holco headphone out resistors, RMA headphone out resistors.
    Tube configs: NOS Matsu****a 12AU7 & reissue Goldlion KT88
    NOS Raytheon long black plates 12AU7 & reissue Goldlion KT88
    NOS Raytheon long black plates 12AU7 & NOS Russian tube Ulyanov 70's Г807
    NOS Raytheon long black plates 12AU7 & reissue svetlana 6550

    More to come!

    Yamaha AVX-700
    Source Inventory:
    Aune T1 with ELNA & Philips caps mod.
    Tube used: NOS Philips 6DJ8 / reissue Goldlion 6922 (higher gain than philips) / NOS Voskhod 6Н23П (current favourite)
    Voskhod rockets 6Н1П does not match the rating of Aune T1! Beware!
    DX100! (1.2.7)
    DX200, Preferred DF: 6. DF 4 has almost unnoticeably better vocals than DF6 while sacrificing more bass quality. DF7 gives the most details however it makes the sound a little fatiguing.
    ELEKIT PS-3249R DAC with OPA2132 opamp.
    ELEKIT PU-2111 mini dac

    DX50 DAP line out. (FW 1.5)
    iBasso D-Zero
    Cable Inventory:
    Custom made SPC interconnects
    Custom made 5N silver cable RCA <-> 3.5
    ADL (furutech) IHP35

    Kimber Kable TC interconnects
    Kimber Kable PR, VS and TC headphone cables 3.5-3.5 mono and 3.5-2.5 mono
    Mogami headphone cables
    SPC cables and interconnects bought from LHS @ Sim Lim Tower
    Canare RCA cables
    Power-Related Components:
    Magnet LC1-MKII Power conditioner.
    Other Audio Equipment:
    Tube pocket:

    NOSPhilips JAN 6DJ8
    Goldlion 6922
    Voskhod rockets 6Н23П

    Psvane 12AU7 x2
    NOS Sylvania 12AU7A x2
    NOS Raytheon long black plates 12AU7 x4
    NOS RCA clear top 12AU7 x2
    NOS Matsu****a 12AU7 x4

    Svetlana 6550 x2 (dieded due to short / loose pin)
    Goldlion KT88 x2
    NOS Ulyanov 70's Г807 x2 (Г807 requires an adapter to fit.)
    NOS Ulyanov red base 70's Г807 x2

    Passive Speakers:
    JBL full range speakers (unknown model, made in 1990s)

    Active Sspeakers:
    Modded Creative T-3300 (for gaming and movies) Bought TDA7377 amp to revive it... Quite decent sound for the price.
    Audio-Related Tweaks:
    Tube 4212 and T1610!

    **Portables comparison for DX100 VS DX200: (DX200 is using DF [6] fast roll off (hybrid) and DX100 is using FW1.2.7, slow roll off.)

    DX100 amp out is more powerful than DX200 amp out (Amp card 1)... The DX100 has slightly smoother vocals and compared to DX200, more power that gives better bass quality thanks to its 18V batteries. The DX200 has more mid bass quantity, however the bass quality is barely behind the DX100. Vocals on DX200 have slightly more depth and more full sounding than the DX100. This makes the singer's presence feel more real. In short DX200 is nicer albeit the slightly worse performance of the bass. DX100 is slightly more relaxed and easier to listen to if you want to sleep.

    DX200 Line out + modded O2 amp can sound better than DX100 with on board amp. It gets the good of both sides, more power for the bass and great vocal imaging. Time to go rigging again haha!

    When comparing line out of both onto my modded O2 amp, DX200 has more refined details and greater depth in vocal imaging compared to DX100. DX100 has slightly more open soundstage than DX200 but it may change after slight more burn in. Soundstage of DX100 extends higher slightly around the topmost part of your forehead while DX200's soundstage reaches slightly above the eyebrows only. Apart from that the other aspects in imaging are similar like depth, width, instrument separation etc.

    **Comparing the DX200 line out to my Aune T1 (mk1)
    The aune uses a PCM1793 burr brown chip, which is actually very good. Comparing to DX100's ES9028, it would seem to lose out in specs so I did a test.

    This test will compare the PCM1793->Voskhod 6N23P VS ES9028pro->Buffers(I do not know anything about buffers, but I believe they should be present in this DAC)

    Both devices play same song at 24/96khz, with Aune T1 using Foobar2000 + WASAPI + Multiresampler and DX200 using the default Mango player + DF6. Aune T1 line out cable is made of Kimber TC cables and DX200 using 3.5-RCA cables made of 5N Silver.

    Both devices are connected to my TU8200 tube amplifier, which supports 2 inputs. I made the music play at the same time, so switching my input selector won't jump the song.

    I allowed my tube to warm up 30 minutes before doing the AB comparison, and feel they sound nearly identical, with the only difference being the bass distortion. As expected the DX200 sounds cleaner with less(near unnoticeable) distortion. Other aspects are similar.

    Current home combo:
    Line tube: 6922 - NEW Electro Harmonix, NEW Goldlion, NOS Philips Jan green print, NOS Voskhod rocket (6N23P)
    preamp tube 12AU7: NEW Psvane, NOS Svetlana, NOS clear top RCA, NOS Raytheon black plate, Matsu****a (2 different factories at different years)
    Power tube KT66-KT88: NEW Svetlana 6550, NEW Goldlion KT88, NOS Ulyanov 70's Г807, NOS Ulyanov 70's Г807 red base
    Music Preferences:
    Anything. Generally prefers soothing, catchy, fun, or songs that tells stories when the sound comes to you. But does not like annoying songs.

    Favourite bands / singers: Kalafina, Suara

    Loves good depth for vocals and a soundstage that is laid out in front of you when you close your eyes. Soundstage with vocals above forehead is considered unacceptable, and overall stage should not be too high.
    Sony Xperia Z5??
    PS Vita
    Asus laptop
    PC: Intel i7 6700K @4.2GHz, Asus Z170 Deluxe, Corsair 4x8GB 3000MHz OC, Sapphire R9 390, 512GB SSD; 4TB HDD, Win10 on 24" 1080P screen.
    I'm a tube person. Music should come to you, instead of looking for music while listening.
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