Sold: ZMF Verite Open Camphor Burl (Rose Gold hardware)
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I've been holding onto two different VOs for too long, honestly hoping someone might be interested in my Pheasantwood one, but it's a little too beat up to sell for anything for how good that wood type actually sounds. So in the end, it pains me to have to sell off the best-looking headphone in my collection. There are a lot of beautiful Verites out there, but Camphor Burl will always be near the top in terms of pure wood beauty, the original "chatoyancy".

Second owner, great condition. Pictured with the wood case, but I also have a spare Pelican case I could ship in instead. Installed are the stock Universe Lambskin Perforated pads. I also can include a pair of Verite Lambskin Perforated or BE2 Suede Perforated pads. I've also accumulated various ZMF stock cables over the years, buyer's choice for either of the OFC XLR or 1/4" terminated cables. I may be able to find another more basic cable in the other termination, if that is needed.

Price = $1700 plus calculated insured shipping (I will cover PayPal G&S fees)

Listed by: wenbinbin2010 (86)
Listed: 2023-08-22
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100+ Head-Fier
Price drop bump


1000+ Head-Fier
Any interest in trades? I have an iem and dap that I am trying to sell.


100+ Head-Fier
Any interest in trades? I have an iem and dap that I am trying to sell.
Unfortunately probably not, thanks for checking though! DAPs do always intrigue me, but I never use them enough.