Sold: ZMF Verite Closed (Ltd. Camphor Burl) - Mint Condition!
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2,700.00 USD
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Good Afternoon All,

I am offering a Like New condition ZMF Verite Closed (Ltd. Ed. Camphor Burl) for sale. The VC was purchased in September 2020 and was not delivered until December 2020; it has remained primarily in its storage box and has less than 10 hours of use.

The Verite Closed needs no introduction, and the Camphor Burl is easily one of the more sought after limited edition woods. This particular VC has the Brass rods and Charcoal Magnesium chassis. The overall package is absolutely gorgeous, and the wood has exceptional chatoyancy.

I will ship with all original materials and packaging. This will include the mounted pads (stock Universe), the new/never used secondary pads (BE2 non-perf), a stock (the new-style one) 1/4" SE cable, an upgraded OFC-Copper Balanced/4-Pin XLR 9.5' cable, wooden collectors box, laser-etched owners card, and the pad info card.

I am offering the Verite Closed (Camphor Burl) for $2,700 total shipped (CONUS only).

Thanks for your interest!

Listed by: ScornDefeat (23)
Listed: 2021-07-19
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