ZMF Stabilized Auteur w/Magnesium frame, Lektrik S cable + Balanced cablese, Wooden Case, Replacement part, and Owner Card
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Stabilized ZMF Auteur
The wood is almost pristine, only has a line scratch that was there when they arrived. The Magnesium chassis has some paint chips but that can be patched up with the ZMF pen (which I don’t own) but I did replace a bad gimbal and have an extra one if anything fails.


-Leitrik S cable I bought in December last year, it has started greening, but I thought it matched the aesthetic of the headphone

- stock ZMF 2.5mm Balanced Cable

- Hart Audio Cable with Y Split to mini xlr cable w/ 4.4mm interconnect

-Extra Magnesium Gimbal

-Eikon Pads

-Auteur Pads

-Wooden Case

-Owner Card
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Listed: 2022-06-15
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100+ Head-Fier
Price drop


100+ Head-Fier
Salire sold, price changed accordingly.


100+ Head-Fier
Last price drop and will keep if next batch of Auteur Upgrades become available before it sells.