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I am selling a ZMF Pendant, I am the second owner. I bought the Pendant while I was waiting for my new amp to be built, and now that it has arrived, I need to sell this according to the boss, I mean my wife. My wife does not think I need 2 tube amps, like what does she know. I am selling the amp and additional tubes for $1,400 net to me. Price includes shipping, PayPal fees are on the buyer. I have not sold anything on Head-Fi but I have made several purchases and have positive feedback.

The Pendant was built in December 2018. It is in excellent condition with little signs of use, and it sounds AMAZING! If I had not already put a deposit down on my new amp, I would have kept the Pendant as it is an end game amp in my system. The amp in my system is dead quiet, even during silent passages/pauses in the music.

The Pendant was run in my system using a Sonnet Morpheus DAC, Sony WM1Z or A&K SP2000 as the source, and a PS Audio P300 power conditioner. My primary headphones are a pair ZMF VCs and it is a match made in heaven, but it made my Focal Clear and Sony MDR-Z1Rs sing as well. The sound is rich, full, detailed, with a large soundstage. There is plenty of bass slam and I would describe the sound as holographic. I listen to everything from classical and jazz to electronic and the Grateful Dead and it all sounded fantastic. It was able to drive any headphone I threw at it and had plenty of power to spare. I would find myself getting lost in the music as I truly felt like I was in the studio or on stage with the musicians while they were performing.

Included with the amp are a selection of NOS tubes as well as the original tubes which Zach originally shipped with the amp, power cord, and the Seahorse case in which it will be packed and shipped. The tubes are all matched pairs unless they are noted as a single.

Tubes included:

2 – 12AU7 Telefunken 1962 smooth plate
2 – 12AU7 Siemens chrome top
1 – 12AU7 JJ
2 – 12AT7 Telefunken 1060
1 – EZ81 Mullard (Amperex branded)
3 – EZ81 RFT new production (2 not used)
2 – EL84 Mullard – NOS
2 – EL84 Mullard – new production
2 – EL84 Sovitek
2 – EL84 JJ

Additional pictures upon request. Any questions please let me know. Thanks for looking.


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Listed: 2021-07-20
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Wow. That was a steal.