Sold: ZMF Limited Verite Closed African Blackwood
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Howdy folks,

Continuing my cleaning out of ZMF headphones that I love, but never listen to. I purchased this back during the pandemic with great intention of it becoming my go to "ultimate office listening rig." 1+ year later and I still haven't gone back into the office and this headphone has sat criminally unused in the interim.

I hate to sell it, but it feels disrespectful to just let this sit in it's pelican case day in and day out.

I am looking to get about $OLD for the heapdhone which includes 2K insurance to continental US.

* Amazing Blackwood with superior shine, beauty, AND sonics of this uber hardwood. Very difficult to capture the depth of the wood in pictures.
* Mint condition, no scratches or faults in the wood cups
* Universe hybrid pads: suede and lambskin, light use. still firm.
* New, never used second set of pads: BE2 Lambskin (solid)
* Original ZMF pelican box included, custom foam fit inserts provide superior protection during shipping
* Leather headband strap
* ZMF stock balanced XLR cable, never used
* Ships only to verified PayPal address
* Signature mandatory upon delivery due to insured value
Listed by: raif (28)
Listed: 2023-06-27
Last edited: 2023-07-05
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Headphoneus Supremus
Very fair price for an amazing headphone- the African Blackwood VC is the closest I’ve heard a dynamic headphone sound like a planar with regards to speed/leading transient attack as well as decay. Phenomenal with the right solid-state amps and OTL tube amps in particular… Not to mention it’s a gorgeous wood. GLWS!


Headphoneus Supremus