Sold: ZMF Eikon Paduak
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Selling my (now rare) ZMF Paduak Eikons. These were the original wood before Zach switched over to Camphor so they are now considered limited/rare.

I swapped over the headband from my ZMF Aeolus while keeping the strap from the original Eikon. As a result you'll see some minor mismatches such as the band saying 'AE' instead of 'E' for Eikon and slightly misaligned gimbals. Everything is tight and secure and the look actually looks better with the black rods and gimbals vs the stock original Paduak which was in silver.

Missing the original cable - you would have to buy one - this has been taken into consideration with the price. I have a ZMF 2K cable I'd be willing to let go for the right price!

Comes with the Pelican case. I'm selling because I'm upgrading to the Auteurs and no longer need them! They really rock out with a proper amp. I also have a Bottlehead Crack I can include with it if you'd like to pair them for one set price (PM for more details). The BHC crack with the right power tube really brings out the slam in these!

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Listed: 2021-07-28
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500+ Head-Fier
SOLD - probably one of my quickest sales! Thank you all for your interest!!!