Sold: ZMF Atrium Cocobolo *LIKE NEW*
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Hello all,

Selling my like new Cocobolo Atrium

They initially had a driver imbalance that persisted after burning them in for 72 hours, so Zach asked me to send them on repair.

They have returned and no longer have a driver imbalance.

Have listened and worn them for approximately 30 minutes. Unfortunately, I don't like their sound signature. I much prefer the Verite Closed.

I also wasn't particularly fond of my Cocobolo grain, but it may be your cup of tea.

It has the black aluminum chassis to avoid the paint chips. It comes with the ZMF Seahorse case, original leather pads, BE2 hybrid pads, and Auteur lambskin perforated pads. It has a 6.3mm and 4 pin XLR cables from ZMF.

Price includes PayPal fees. Shipping fee to be discussed with buyer. Ships to North America but may consider shipping abroad as well.

Have attached some pics of the Atrium. The wooden ZMF case and silver cable is not included.

Not interested in trades.

- Simon
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Listed: 2022-12-05
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100+ Head-Fier
Funny I didn’t like the VC but atrium is my favorite ZMF HP. To each his own :). Also dependent on the system. GLWS
Why do you say that? These two units seem to be the major contention. I'm also having trouble conceptualizing what we're going to get out of closing the Atriums for the Atrium closed. Trying to figure out whether to wait, or buy now.