Closed: [WTS] [USA-OH] [H] Hifiman Edition X [W] $550 shipped, U.S. only, No trades
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550.00 USD
Excellent/Like new
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  1. United States of America
Selling my Hifiman Edition X. Pads are a few months old. Condition is great. Selling to U.S. only, paypal only, no trades. Selling only to fund future upgrades, otherwise I'd keep them as they are fun an enjoyable.
Listed by: Hazi59 (2)
Listed: 2021-06-05
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1000+ Head-Fier
Looks like a V1, so cool! I love the color of those cups, and haven’t seen a pair of these for sale hardly ever. GLWS!


They are a V1. I bought them used from an authorized dealer and was surprised at the shape they are/were in.


Excellent seller, buy with confidence! I have purchased a couple headphones and amps from seller. Always a good experience.