Closed: [WTS] UM Mest Mk.2
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Hello HeadFI,

I'm looking to sell some gear to help fund some new items I'm looking forward to picking up in the future.

ZMF Eikon LTD: These LTD Eikon are finished in Camphor Burl w/ magnesium chassis. They are in excellent condition with very little wear anywhere on the headphones and are surprisingly light. They will include a pelican case, leather pads, suede pads, and a standard Audeze 1/4" cable. $1050 SOLD

QDC Anole VX: Great overall condition with the exception of the right earpiece which looks to have an error in the molding/resin process (see attached pictures). They include all original accessories and boxes and as to be expected are perfect sonically. $1190 SOLD

UM Mest Mk2: 100% Mint condition with no visible wear anywhere, they include all original accessories and box - cable is terminated in 3.5mm. $1085 SOLD

Shanling M6 Pro 21 w/ leather case: Both the DAP and the leather case are in brand new condition, I received this in a trade but I don't have a use for it. $555 SOLD

I may add a Sony IER-Z1R to this post in the future, right now I am not quite sure yet if I want to sell them. :L3000:
Everything is sanitized, super clean, and well taken care of. Right now price is firm.

I absorb shipping and PP fees to CONUS. I'm in the LA area (91105) for a local meetup!

Thanks for looking!
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Listed: 2021-10-24
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