Purchased: WTB stock HD600 pads
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If anyone has an extra pair of stock HD600/650 pads that is new or slightly used.

I am looking to buy them for PURCHASED shipped to CA. Pm me if you are willing to sell them, thanks!
Listed by: cpu235 (109)
Listed: 2023-04-25
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Yeah, the stock pads are criminally overpriced. If you don't find a pair at $25, consider the velour option available from Drop--not cheap, but some savings:
Yea $40 is overpriced lol, thanks for the recommendation!

There are some cheap alternatives on Aliexpress as well, but the problem is that none of those can retain the sounds of the HD6x0 line.
That's why I am looking for a stock one, if I cannot get one I might get the drop ones.