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Bought on 28 april 2020 at (warranty lasts until 28/04/2022).
Comes with new earpads and original case.
Very comfortable headphone!

The Kingsound KS-H4 is the best headphone from Kingsound. It allows you to enjoy the best of the electrostatic music. This is a really (r)evolution in the way you listen to the music at this price point. You will enjoy the music as if you had payed thousands euros for a classic system.

This is not a simple headphone you can listen to music; this is a piece of technology with the best restitution possible, thanks to an exceptional technology.

After the success of the KS-H3, Kingsound decided to try to improve even more with this new version.
At a first glance we can see the new aluminum oval ear cups. Like the previous models the ear cups are also perforated.

When we try them for the first time the first feeling is how comfortable and light these headphones are. For the first time the Kingsound is supplied with a detachable cable. In this way we can be able to adapt to the two different types of listening.

The 1 meter cable supplied in the package is perfect to accompany the brand new portable electrostatic amplifier Kingsound M-03. For those who prefer a longest cable Kingsound developed a longest cable of 2.5 meters and an extension of 2.5 meters.
Kingsound went even further. The new headphone surpasses the latest model.

How does it works?

The electrostatic loudspeaker is very simple in concept, but difficult to construct successfully in practice. lts operation relies on electrostatic attraction and repulsion, in much the same way as a piece of thin paper attracted to a rubber balloon that is charged by rubbing it against fabric.

The electrically charged ultra-thin conductive film diaphragm is tensioned and placed close between two metal grids. When a high voltage audio signal is applied to the metal grids, the diaphragm moves in response to the signal, moving towards the grid which at that instant is oppositely charged, and away from the grid which has the same charge as the diaphragm. The diaphragm responds in an essentially linear manner, producing sound waves which are a very accurate reproduction of the original sound.

Why is it better?

Imagine a normal speaker as a point source, from which the sound waves produced diffract at a great angle. This causes rapid decrease in volume and quality over a short distance. Then imagine a flat electrostatic panel producing sound from the same input signal. This time the sound waves are produced over a large, flat area, therefore have very little diffraction and the volume decreases much less over the same distance.

The electrostatic stereo system is the pinnacle of audio reproduction. The standard upon which all other stereo headphones can be measured. It literally pushes the limits of the world's most sophisticated instruments that attempt to measure its performance. The result is an experience that no other stereo system can approach. The result is an ultra-flat frequency response across the entire range: deep, clean bass with real power that other attempts at electrostatic transducers can only envy.

Technical caracteristics:

  • Frequency Response: 6Hz - 42kHz
  • Input Impedance: 115kΩ (à 10kHz)
  • Maximum output sound level: 116dB
  • Sensitivity: 109dB
  • Electrostatic Capacity: 139pF
  • Tension : 550 Vdc

Physical caracteristics:

  • Weight: 0.270g
  • Package: 1x 1 Meter Cable
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