Closed: Vintage Grado SR325 w/ pink drivers
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525.00 USD
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Putting up for my sale my vintage Grado SR325 headphones with pink transition drivers. These are an excellent condition and I've enjoyed them quite a bit but recently picked up a Grado HP2. Overall they are one of the best Grado's I've heard and I've heard quite a few over the years. More up front than the HP2 but not as fatiguing as the later renditions of the SR325. They have gobs of bass - not quite as hard hitting as the HP2's but I'd say more than any other Grado I've heard. Overall sound I would say is neutral, detailed and a good representation of the early(ish) Joe Grado sound. Think these have the capability to sound glorious with a tube amp.

The headphones themselves are in pristine condition. However, the flat pads - while still usable, have started to flake a little bit and are probably due for a replacement (unless you prefer to use them with other pads). The box is in great shape but like in many cases with these older Grado's the foam inside is starting to deteriorate.

Price is $525 which includes shipping cost (anywhere within US) and paypal fees. I think I priced them accordingly given the rarity and what I believe they are worth based on sound so price is firm.
Listed by: SptsNaz (26)
Listed: 2022-10-10
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