Sold: Unique Melody Mason V3+ with Phanes cable (4.4mm)
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I finally gathered the strength to sell something. My UM V3+ with the Effect Audio Phanes cable is next up in the rotation to go.

I love this IEM and have written about it in numerous threads and in different reviews. With the Phanes cable it retailed new for $4100. The Phanes cable alone sold for $2100 new.

The Phanes cable is made up of two separate 4-wire cables. All you do is switch around the left and right and that changes the cable. One cable is the EA Leonidas II cable which is palladium plated silver and the other cable is a palladium, gold, silver alloy.

I had the cable re-terminated by Effect Audio using stock matching 4.4 termination instead of the 2.5 it came with. The 4.4 terminated Phanes is rare and only one other person has done that, that I am aware of.

The IEM has a durable carbon fiber shell and is in mint condition.

The Mason V3+ also has a bass knob for adjusting the quantity of bass.

It comes with everything that it originally came with which includes all tips and the leather Van Nuys case.

I am not interested in trades.

The price includes shipping and fees for Continental US. If you are located elsewhere contact me and we can figure it all out.

Thank you for looking,

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Listed: 2021-05-27
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1000+ Head-Fier


1000+ Head-Fier