Sold: Tubulous Concentus I2S Cable - 0.75m HDMI
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For sale is my Tubulous Concentus I2S cable. 0.75m length, HDMI plugs.
Excellent condition.

Manufacturer description:
• Pure silver conductors
• Solid core and semi-solid concentric conductors
• Various diameter conductors
• Air insulation
• Individually shielded conductors
• Special thermo-process
• High twist rate EMI cancellation
• Triple shielding with 100% coverage
• High quality shielded HDMI plugs

Additional description:
One of the best, if not the best I2S cable on the market. There are plenty of user reviews at head-fi and other audiophile forums.

New price was ~$820 USD. I'm asking $530 USD shipped to NA. Worldwide shipping is possible, but might cost extra depending on the region.
Listed by: DivinesGaming (20)
Listed: 2023-08-11
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