Closed: Thieaudio Monach MKIII Factory Sealed
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950.00 GBP
New in box
Ships to
  1. United Kingdom of Great Britain and Northern Ireland
Factory sealed not been opened.
Genuine reason for sale.
I ordered a number of newly released IEM tips to try out on my old Shure SE846 using the converters that reduce the bore size from 6mm which I believe is the Monac MKIII down to 3mm which is Shure SE846 to see if things could improve with the seal. I did not have any success in getting a good enough seal other than what I am currently using for my Shure se846 The Foam tips in size large and long length with 3mm bore size and these only come in 3mm.
I have now purchased the Westone Mach 70 IEMs (see my signature) these come as standard with Large foam tips in long length with 3mm bore and are the only other iem along with the Shure SE846 I know of that have a 3mm bore, so the Thieaudio Monach MKIII are not required.
The Thieaudio Monach MKIII are factory sealed as new unopened.
Read google reviews on these as they are highly rated as being one of the best new IEM anywhere near its price point and above.
Thank you
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Listed: 2024-04-17
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