T+A Solitaire P
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I'm offering my T+A Solitaire P.
One of the few headphones that's absolutely on par with Susvara on detail retrieval.
However with stronger Bass and Darker Tuning.
The Solitaire P is also known for its incredible subbass.

The headphones have been bought in February 2021 by an authorized german dealer.

The headphones come with original packing, 6.3mm and 4-pin XLR cable.

They are in great condition. I couldnt find any blemishes. Still please look at the pictures. If you need me to make some additional ones from a certain angle, please let me know.

Reason for sale is that I want to dab into estats and need some Funds.
Additionally I'm selling my Octave V16 for the same reason. So this is a great chance to snag a ToTL combo at a reasonable price.

My Solitaire P has been sent to Oratory1990, so there are also measurements available for this exact unit.
It took nearly 2 months till they returned, but this also showed me that I can live without them.
The comfort is good, but not on par with my Mezes which made me grab the Solitaire P the least as well.

No trades

In case of questions don't hesitate to ask:
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Listed: 2023-03-18
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Good luck with the sale :)