Closed: Synergistic Research Purple Quantum Fuses (12.5A)
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Cleaning house. Left are two SR Quantum Purple fuses: 12.5A small, slow-blow (20 mm). I used these two in JL Audio subs that take 10A fuses. I strongly recommend going up from the component spec at least one, if not two amp values, or 25%, as they are not made to industry spec and are known to blow on start up with some equipment at spec value (they recommend it privately too). Note: The fuses were used with bottom feed fuse holders, so the labels are in varying cosmetic condition. But that does not affect how they work.

A note about specs and fuse values: Many developers already over spec their gear by two to four times to guard against the variety of users and electrical situations. Power conditioners add another level of protection.

$120 each or both for $220 shipped in CONUS (PP = f/f preferably or fees on buyer). Check my feedback here, Audiomart, Audiogon, Audio Asylum and eBay (genegold99). While I stand behind what I sell, please note that all fuses have been electrically checked, Buyer mishandling is not covered.


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Listed: 2023-02-08
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