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Upgrade your system from its OEM fuse. SR Quantum Orange fuses: 6.3A & 12.5A small, slow-blow (20 mm). Many audiophiles prefer these over the later Purple version. I strongly recommend going up from the component spec at least one, if not two amp values, or 25%, as they are not made to industry spec and are known to blow on start up with some equipment at spec value (they recommend it privately too). For example, I used the two 12.5A in JL Audio subs that take 10A fuses. Note: The fuses were used with different types of fuse holders, so the labels are in varying cosmetic condition. But that does not affect how they work.

A note about specs and fuse values: Many developers already over spec their gear by two to four times to guard against the variety of users and electrical situations. Power conditioners add another level of protection.

SR Orange – 2 x 6.3A – $65 each
SR Orange – 2 x 12.5A – $60 each

Shipping included in CONUS (PP = f/f preferably or fees on buyer). Check my feedback here, Audiomart, Audiogon, Audio Asylum and eBay (genegold99). While I stand behind what I sell, please note that all fuses have been electrically checked, Buyer mishandling is not covered.
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Listed: 2023-01-24
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