STAX SRM-007t Recapped, w. NOS tubes & Furutech IEC (230V)
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-- Disclaimer regarding trust --
I'll give you my real name and my real email through a PM here; my name matches the email account, ie it's a proper one. Once we get to emailing each other, i am also willing to give you my cell phone and landline number, as well as giving you a call so we can talk real time.
Beyond that, i'm also willing to accommodate any further (reasonable) demands that would aid in ensuring some measure of trust being established. Please don't hesitate to enquire.
You can also check my seller rating here:

Am selling this STAX SRM-007t (original, "champagne" variant) as seen in the pictures, aka what you see is what you get.
This is the version most preferred by those who know, as it's accoustically superior to all of its successors due to a number of its parts (for instance resistors) being of a higher quality than those present in later models. The difference is accoustically noticeable.

Additionally, in terms of upgrades/servicing/modifications this particular unit has had:
- All four tubes replaced with 'NOS' Matsushita, same type, no shenanigans here, from my personal stock; no ebay or fake imprinting, acquired new by me personally back in the day; yes, am that old. You may notice they've a 'Luxman' logo which may appear confusing, it's not. Matsushita corp was OEM for all Luxman tubes. If you thought GEs or Mullards are good, wait until you've heard these; Japan.
Unit has of course been re-biased properly, with the brand new tubes, by me.
- All eleven capacitors replaced with brand new Nichicon audio grade caps. Verifiable from internal pics. Audiophile grade Oyaide silver solder (SS-47) used.
- IEC input replaced with an original gold-plated Furutech one. Can also be verified from relevant external pics. Same Oyaide solder used as above.

Everything else's stock, including the pot, which many replace prior to selling; not me. You can alter volume between L/R as intended.
The unit has no technical issues, functions exactly as should. A note here that i'm a professional, not a 'hobbyist'; can attest to both functionality and quality of the overall work thereof.

*Kindly take note of the four scratch marks covered with magic marker on the upper lid, should their presence have escaped you. Price is set so as to reflect said minor cosmetic defect*

Am asking for 1400€ total. Paypal only.
Total as in:
- Paypal fees are included as per Head-Fi regs and on me, not you.
- Shipping is included and also on me, not you. Shipping consisting of national post service (ΕΛΤΑ) priority mail with tracking. Needless to say, sufficient packing care has been taken.

Ships from Greece (EU), two days after payment's received, at most. I plan for the next day, but you never know with family and responsibilities thereof, so erring on caution.
You'll know either way, as i'll email you to inform you the money's in and when it's due to ship, i'll email you again after it's shipped with your tracking number attached.

Interested in purchasing? Read this first please.
This item is properly functioning; technically speaking, it performs in 100% the way the manufacturer intended it to. Am a qualified technician and i have (re)checked this, with the relevant technical equipment, prior to making this listing.
As such, the "eBay phenomenon", aka refund requests purporting "malfunction", aka in actuality a smokescreen for the so very common "try and return" tactic, will not be grounds for a refund. You agree to this beforehand.
I am not renting, i am selling.
Refund requests claiming "misdirection", aka amounting to 'opinion', 'preference' and/or 'unrealistic expectations' from the buyer's side will be considered not valid, no matter how phrased. You agree to this beforehand.
Kindly consider before committing, no one's forcing your hand. Least of all me.

Please see post right below this one for one more pic, have reached the limit on this one.
Any questions, by all means PM or post here.
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I do not do voltage modifications as it's morally questionable at best, for reasons pertaining exclusively to STAX, not its customers; see 'gray market'. So this is the one modification i will not do.
However, were one inclined to Google this for example:

I cannot reply to any technical questions regarding this, i cannot virtually or otherwise provide support or assistance should you decide to attempt it.
This is your risk and responsibility 100%.
Am selling the amp as is (230V), what you do with it when you have it? I need not know. Fair's fair i think.
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