Sold: Stax SR-X9000 + Woo Audio Wee + Stand + Dustcover
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Selling what is probably the best headphone I ever owned, the flagship electrostatic Stax SR-X9000.
This headphone has imo better technical performance than even the Susvara but I'm doubling down on my conventional headphones and speakers system and won't be diving into the estats rabbit hole after all.
My loss is your gain as these are 1 month old with only a few hours of listening!
I'm the original owner bought from an authorized dealer,

Headphones are completely in mint condition, been always in their box or under their dedicated stand and dustcover.

Asking for the headphones (with all original packaging) with stand (HPS-2) and dust cover (CPC-1) shipped in the US.
Will add the modded Woo Audio Wee for an extra, shipping included.

Available for any questions.
Will entertain interesting trades on TOTL gear.
Listed by: orrman (31)
Listed: 2023-09-11
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Headphoneus Supremus
Why did I have to choose this hobby? At this point, crack would have been cheaper.

It physically hurts me that this is up for sale.
Decisions... decisions...
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