Sold: Sony MDR-R10 #161
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Selling my Sony MDR-R10, As you can see in the photos they are in really good overall condition, esthetically they don't present any scuffs or marks on either the magnesium parts or the beautiful wooden cups.

They've never been opened or modded, the only parts that show the age of the headphone are the leather pads and strap, which are still really soft and supple, just aged.

The serial number is 161 as you can see in the photos, so an early production unit, which can also be seen from the manual color ( the manual is in french ). It still has all the original cleaning cloths all still sealed.

It comes with its original leather case and all its accessories.

In terms of sound these are the single best dynamic driver headphones I've ever had or tried: they are unique for me as they can produce an incredibly natural sound with perfect timbre and still have a level of detail that is easily competitive with today's dd flagships, while also being the most punchy headphone I've ever used, bar none.

For any who might worry: the headphones don't have any buzzing or crackling sound at any frequency ( I did some sine sweeps just before posting ) so the driver is in perfect condition and the foam around it has still not cracked or gotten in the driver.

The price does not include paypal fees and shipping. I'm open to shipping to anywhere as long as you can cover the cost.

For any question feel free to ask !
Listed by: Efgp (11)
Listed: 2023-06-16
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Headphoneus Supremus
Such a pristine set!


100+ Head-Fier
Really tempted! I wish I could get these inspected somehow prior to purchase. Beautiful set!