SONY DISCMAN D 555 with case and working battery
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works great and was recently serviced by kaosuncd (aging components replaced and moving parts lubricated in a few months ago)

in really nice cosmetic condition too the lettering is all intact the top and sides look close to mint (minor scratches on the bottom especially on the battery cover as shown in pictures)

comes with faux leather case and a working battery (a couple hours playback on full charge) but does not include the charger shown (you will need to get a compatible 9v charger for these they are cheap on ebay

thank you!

Listed by: tabness (5)
Listed: 2021-11-21
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Headphoneus Supremus
Wow! I used to own one of this!


100+ Head-Fier
Wow! I used to own one of this!

nice! so i have gotten a few classic DISCMAN (and CD WALKMAN)

• this D 555
• a D 88 (new old stock)
and now have a D 311 and D EJ2000 on the way also new old stock

The D 555 was the only one that wasnt completely new so I am letting it go. Definitely on the lookout for a new in box D 555 though. While I don't like the design as much as the D 88 or D EJ2000 the fact that it has a DSP equalizer is just amazing. Build quality is just amazing for a DISCMAN too.