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Hello everyone,

I'm listing my ZMF Auteur LTD Cocobolo Rosewood Headphones. I've been using closed back more often due to environmental factors so letting these go to a good home.

Cocobolo is a true Rosewood in ZMF's rare wood offerings w/ janka rating near 3000. This hardwood gives the sound more audible impact and less decay compare to the lighter woods.

- Comes with ZMF seahorse case, silver 3.5mm cable , and 2 pads (I forgot the name but one is for fun/warm sound and the other is more neutral/reference)

*Asking price is $old Total shipped through Paypal G&S for CONUS only.

International shipping cost will be buyer's responsibility as well as custom fees.

Smoke-free/Pet-free/Covid-free home
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Listed: 2021-07-17
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100+ Head-Fier
Thank you man…a shame I have to trade the opens for closed


Thank you man…a shame I have to trade the opens for closed
Yeah I agree! I just want to have one open for those times I don’t need a closed back. Plus there are so many good open backs compared to closed it’s not even funny! Eitherway beautiful set of headphones my friend GLWS!