Sold: SOLD V-Moda XS On-ear closed back headphones, black
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Continuing my quest to regain closet space! These matte black V-Moda VS headphones are a warm and fun sounding on-ear set, and to me a lot more comfortable than other on-ears I have tried. These will ship with the hardshell case and original orange cable, but nothing else is included. The earpads show some wear on the pleather but are not flaking off.

V-Moda does not appear to carry replacement earpads anymore for the XS or M80, but you can search Amazon, eBay, or AliExpress for options. From some old Reddit threads Vesper Audio may also be able to make new earpads.

Ships only to verified US PayPal address. Price includes shipping and PayPal fees. If interested, please send a PM with your PayPal email and I will send a money request.
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Listed: 2023-07-02
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