Closed: SOLD - Sony IER-M7
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450.00 AUD
Excellent/Like new
Ships to
  1. Australia
Item includes
- Sony IER-M7 IEMs
- Sony original 3.5 single-ended cable
- Sony original 4.4 balanced cable
- Sony original set of ear tips (all never used except for the silicone hybrid M)
- IEM cable management piece
- Shirt clip (never used)
- Microfibre cloth (never used)
- Sony IEM carrying case
- User manual and documentation
- All original box and packaging included

Item condition
Like new condition and perfect with no visible scratches to the IEM. Comes with complete accessories, box and packaging.

Cables are in excellent condition. Sony original cables are the best in the market with very little microphonics and don't tangle. The M7 is a smaller brother to the higher-end M9. It has plenty of bass and rumble very typical Sony house sound. Treble is still present but not as much as M9. It has a darker signature in comparison to M9 although both shares very similar tuning with the M9 more extended in the highs. If you like bass but thought balanced amarture isn't very good, then the M7 will change your mind. The M7 is very comfortable to wear for extended periods of time (to me) and is very easy to listen to.

Reason for sale: Upgraded and no longer need this.
Listed by: davesday (0)
Listed: 2023-05-13
Last edited: 2023-05-20
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