Sold: SOLD HDPLEX 300W Linear Power Supply LPS
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Well-respected company for their LPS devices. New, unused, and original owner of this HDPLEX 300W Linear Power Supply. Comes with everything one would get direct from HDPLEX. Treat your devices to some clean power and enjoy.

Technical Specifications
Wattage: 300W (Max300W)

-Twelve Linear Technology LT3045 chips for two adjustable rails to achieve extremely low noise.
-Hi-End Audio ELNA Super 10000µf Capacitor, One for Each Rail, Eliminating Phase Distortion
-High Quality 300W Silent R-Core Transformer provides clean energy
-High Precision Over-Current Protection and Over Temperature Protection Achieved by LM2904+MCU ControlS
-Separated Ground for Each Output Rail
-EMI/RFI Circuit to Prevent AC Grid Pollution
-No Humming or Buzz noise for 50Hz and Peak load, 100% Silent
-High Quality Neutrik XLR Connector for All Outputs
-Low ripple noise and void of high frequency noise
-19V/10A XLR Output Supprt Thin ITX/NUC/Auralic Aries Mini/HDPLEX 4000W DC-ATX Converter
-12V/10A XLR Output Support Legacy Wavelet DAC/Qnap Nas/PicoPSU or 12V based CE device.
-Two independent adjustable output is 3.3V/5V/7.5V/9V/12V/15V and 3AMP MAX. Each rail uses six LT3045 chips. It supports SoTM PCIE USB
card/MicroRendu/Upton USB Regen/ PPA (Paul Professional Audio) USB Audio card and Squeezebox.
-Passive aluminum chassis guarantee absolute silent and stable operation

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Listed: 2023-01-09
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