Sold: SOLD Audeze LCD-MX4 headphones, lightly used with all original accesories
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If you ever wanted a big Audeze LCD headphone, but don't have a big amp to drive one of the high impedence models, the MX4 is a nice alternative, and it is a tiny bit lighter than the LCD-X and some other models. This comes with the newer style carbon fiber look suspension headband, stock single-ended cable, and heavy duty travel case. This is conservatively rated as "good" condition" due to some slight wear on the earpads.

Prefer to sell to only established Head-fi members with feedback on the forums here. Not interested in trades.

Price includes shipping and PayPal fees. If interested, please send a PM with your PayPal email, and I will send a money request. Thanks!
Listed by: SDBiotek (61)
Listed: 2022-05-14
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100+ Head-Fier
These are what I'd consider Audeze's hidden gem. They're not that much lighter than the LCD-X but sonically, the MX4 are to the LCD-X as the LCD-2 is to the LCD-3. If I had the money and didn't already own two I'd be tempted.


100+ Head-Fier

Absolute steal.

Dont need to wish you luck. Congratulations to whomever ultimately snags these!
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1000+ Head-Fier
Interested. Hows the bass on these? What did you drive them with?
From memory these sounded similar to the LCD-X I used to have, but a little more refined and a less recessed midrange. Bass was similar but take these comments with a grain of salt as I've not listened to a LCD-X for several years. Mostly just used these with my Ibasso DAPs (DX220 and DX300).