Sold: SMSL SH-9 THX AMP/SU-9 ESS9038 PRO DAC stack MINT/complete plus Canare/Amphenol 1ft XLRs
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Between retirement from the military last month and the effects of my ongoing chemotherapy, which have proven a bit more debilitating than I expected, I have been forced to change my golden-years employment plans. Life always seems to be the thing that happens to you when you're planning for something else entirely, doesn't it? To those ends, I will be starting a job later this fall as an online instructor and working fully from home, completely scuttling my plans to outfit a new workplace office with some nifty mementos of my career...and this sweet little head-fi stack.

I purchased both of these units new this year, the SH-9 on March 29th, and the SU-9 on April 30th. However, I have the SMSL M400/SP-400 stack for use in my home office already...and now that I no longer have a separate workplace to occupy the lion's share of my waking hours, I really don't need another DAC/AMP pairing lying around. Both units are fully functional and physically mint/flawless to the best of my ability to tell. Both the DAC and AMP come complete with their original remotes (one of which was never unpacked because the remote works all functions across both units), packaging, inserts, power cables, and other accessories (the SU-9 came with a Bluetooth antenna and USB cable--which I never used). To get you up and running as quickly as possible, I'll also include a set of 1ft XLR interconnects--just throw a few batteries in one of the remotes and you're off to the races.

PP fees and shipping in the US is included; please shoot a note if you have any questions, and thanks for looking.
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Listed: 2021-08-14
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