Sold: SHURE SE535 (RED)
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Selling my SE535. The version I have includes the wireless adapter (which I never used). It came with a cable that has a microphone, switchable Apple or Android (also never used), but I purchased an non-miked cable from Shure and will include that, as well. I have all the original packaging, documentation, and ear tips. I did not use the included ear tips as I preferred the Westone star tips with the 535. I would say these are in excellent condition. I will include PayPal fees in the price, but keep shipping separate. I generally prefer USPS Priority Second Day. Medium flat rate box would be $24.20 fully insured. If you are not concerned about having all the original packaging, I can probably use a small flat rate box and save you a few bucks. The small box would be $17.30, again, fully insured.
Listed by: zombywoof (21)
Listed: 2023-04-16
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