Closed: Sennheiser IE900 *withdrawal due to being counterfeit**
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Hey Headfi community,

A few users bought to my attention that these are fake. I bought these locally in a trade so not much I can do to get my headphones back. Never knew that counterfeit headphones/IEMs even exist in the high end market.

I have closed the listing as I don't and never will sell any counterfeit products to someone else. I'm leaving this up for reference if anyone wants to compare their IE900 to verify it's real or fake. Also check out this link, it's great example of comparison between counterfeit and authentic:

Stay safe and happy listening!
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Listed: 2023-10-24
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What do you think the price for V14 should be?


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Interesting thinking.. 4est drivers doesn’t count? I liked the Japanese reviewer who mentioned that no Iem has been reproducing the sense of space and 3d as V14. Also bass on V14 is extremely deep and pleasing going very deep and punchy.
Sorry for the discussion. Was curious on your take. But your mentioned price is not realistic as V14 has at least 2gens up of newer BAs than VX. VX is older. As simple as that.

Quick sell: $1200 or start at $1400 and decrease as you like or try higher.


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pm with question related to trade.


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Those are genuine? I do not see any name ant signature on the certificate.
IEM's cables are fake.
IE900 branding on the side of IEM's is painted, not engraved.
Box is also fake.
Those looks like a fake for me.
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