Sold: Schiit Vali 2 tube hybrid headphone amp with extra tubes
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Here’s a cheap way to get a taste of the tube sound, and, with the extra tubes included, you’re ready to have a little tube-rolling fun from the start.

This is the original Schiit Vali 2 tube hybrid headphone amp (not any of the later “plus” versions). It’s in excellent condition and sounds superb driving my Sennheiser HD600 and Beyerdynamic DT880 headphones. Used carefully in a non-smoking household.

While the current version of the Vali 2 offers lower distortion measurements, the original version, for sale here, offers the widest range of tube-rolling options. I’m including four tubes for tube-rolling fun. All the tubes sounded good as of today (and all have low hours, though I can’t guarantee their long-term performance):
--HP/Amperex 6DJ8, no label markings (my favorite, pictured in the amp)
--stock 6BZ7 tube from Schiit
--two RCA 6CG7, one a clear-top branded “Quality”

Also included is an unused “socket saver.” I haven’t tried this, and it’s yours to use if you’d like to try it, but I can’t guarantee it.

Includes the factory box, manual, and power supply. Like all the original Vali 2, there’s about a 30-second delay and then a “pop” when it unmutes—this is not a problem, it’s the way the amp works. Plenty of discussion about this on the Web, and the consensus, which I followed, is to turn on the amp and then wait for a little longer than 30 seconds before putting on or plugging in your headphones.

No trades, please. The price includes shipping to US-48. (US-48 sales only, please.) No extra fee for PayPal. (Note: This amp is also advertised on Reddit AVexchange.)

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