Sold: Schiit Modded Modi Multibit 2 (black) + Nitsch Magni Piety Stack
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Modded Modi Multibit 2 (black) + Magni Piety Stack— $400 shipped CONUS (including paypal fees)
Full Stack Comes With:
  • A Modded Schiit Modi Multibit 2 (in black), in original manufacturer's packaging
    • Modi Multibit 2 was modded to have a OPA 2156 in the servo, and OPA 1656 op-amps in the output stage. These op-amp swaps makes it sound more punchy and dynamic and textured while also sounding pretty even and balanced (less punchy/slammy than the bifrost 2/64, though, though also more neutral and even with more even treble).
    • (professionally modded by @Voxata )
  • Nitsch Magni Piety, in original manufacturer’s packaging
    • Piety is serial number 999. In excellent physical condition, but I’ve noticed that the volume knob has a kinda “hashy" sound when turning the volume past 12. It has no affect on audio when not adjusting, just when adjusting. Seems to be more prominent when first turned on and lessens after a while. At any rate, just wanted to give full disclosure here. I always listened below 9 o’clock on the volume knob and so this never bothered me.
  • A 3d-printed etsy brace
  • A pair of mogami 2803 RCA interconnects with KLEI copper harmony plugs
    • Mogami 2803 interconnects are fantastic, a huge upgrade from the straight-wire RCA ones, other mogami interconnects, and the audiophile ninja ones, and very close to the nordost heimdall 2 rca interconnects I used to have. Specifically added more sense of dynamism and resolve and sense of clarity whereas other interconnects sounded more veiled. Note that these are a bit stiff, and the stack unfortunately requires tape with the brace to get it to sit stably, but once settled everything is super compact and makes for a great stack, especially in “book” style. (this was $130 new)
    • Good info on the mogami 2803 in this ebay description:
  • A pair of audiophile ninja rca interconnects.

I loved this stack and used it with the JAR800s and the JAR650B headphones I had. Selling because I'm leaving audio as a hobby and have already sold all my headphones, so hoping to let this go to an audiophile who will love it. While there is betterer out there (bifrost 2/64 + nitsch pietous maximus comes to mind), this stack synergizes very well and definitely surpasses the threshold of "very good enough" and is an extremely high value in terms of performance offered. I truly believe with the right headphones (think higher impedance, like the hd650), this can be definitely good enough and even end-game to some.

Asking for $400 shipped CONUS (including paypal fees).

Will ship fully insured with adult signature required.

Happy to answer any questions. Thanks for looking!

I've gotten a couple requests from people to just purchase the modded modi multibit 2, but at least at the moment I want to keep everything together in a bundle all at once (because it would be a pain to have to try and list all the remaining components separately). Maybe in the future I will separate things and sell just the modded modi multibit 2 and list the rest separately, but for now am not interested in separating the stack up.
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Listed: 2024-01-08
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That is some clean soldering work there :) -- really nice price!