Sold: Schiit Lyr 3
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310.00 USD
Excellent/Like new
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  1. United States of America
Bought used in January but I've now sold my Bifrost 2 and the Lyr 3 doesn't fill any niches for me. Haven't used for the past few weeks actually. No issues. Excellent condition as shown in photos I can't find any noticeable scratches.

Comes with socket saver installed, power cord, and two tubes one stock and one unknown 6SN7 if you care for tube rolling.

There was another NOS tube but that slipped out of my hand and broke while removing it with two fingers, so uh, I would advise you to not repeat my mistake.

310 paypal included/shipped to the US, priced for quick sale, will ship tomorrow. Prefer selling to people with some trading history.

Interested in trading for older made in Ireland HD650 as well + cash depending on condition.

Thanks for looking
Listed by: asdafaasda (77)
Listed: 2021-03-15
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