Closed: Rupert Neve Designs Fidelice
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For sale headphone amplifier.
Can drive dynamic and planar HP with ease. Wide soundstage. Nice punch.
Overall neutral sound with no harshness and a touch of warmth.

Listed by: GaryP (9)
Listed: 2022-10-26
Last edited: 2023-11-21
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New Head-Fier
Thanks guys... This is the 3rd attempt at selling. I'm still not sure if I should.
You should not :) Hard to find a better sounding amp section, Rupert was on to something. I run mine off different DACs than the internal one (even though that one is great too). This is a real hidden gem in the head-fi world and probably the most underrated amp out there.
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Did we just sell you on your own amp? Haha
Yes, you had an influence. The problem is I have too small desk for so many amps. Fidelice wasn't getting enough time. I listened it for a while now... Bass is fantastic.
So why not to get another desk from Ikea rather than selling amp :laughing: