Sold: [Reserved] [EUROPE] Fat Frequency Maestro SE
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Hi and thanks for checking in.

Up for grabs is a pair of Maestro SE in flawless condition. They come with all accessoires (unused) and the upgrade cable.

I'm the original owner and purchased them in 2022-12 directly from Fat Freq.

TME, they are the reference in sub-bass. I consider myself a mild but serious basshead and they did a great job in making me happy. I'm only selling because since I got the EE Raven, I have not connected the Maestro in 10 weeks. Again TME, the Raven is the first contender that is on par in terms of sub bass which makes it easier for me to let the Maestros go now.

Please be aware: they are large (ok, Raven is even bigger) and they were the first IEM where I was struggling a little bit in terms of fitting. So in case you have very small ears, think twice.

I'm not looking for trades, thank you. The price is fixed and contains registered shipping and all additional payment fees that might occur.

In case you have questions, please PM me.
Of course I could take additional pictures of the Pelican case and the box but they are unused and hence I opted for two beauty shots only. If you are in urgent need of additional pictures, let me know.

Thanks for looking. ✌
Listed by: Quartex (18)
Listed: 2024-04-16
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1000+ Head-Fier
Beautiful set from a great head-fier. GLWS!