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Selling my beloved Questyle CMA Fifteen. I have never tried Questyle before and I was simply blown away by this unit, coming from a much higher priced Chord TT2. This is very much equal to the TT2 in terms of fidelity and may even be a better match for certain headphones.

If you have a DCA Stealth, this is one of the best pairings, confirmed by me and others in the DCA Stealth thread. Try it with the Stealth, you will be impressed at how much life it breathes into them.

The CMA Fifteen uses a current mode output DAC (ESS 9038Pro) and then uses current mode amplification technology to directly amplify the current output from the DAC. Normally, there would be an I/V conversion stage after the DAC and before amplification. The direct amplification, without that conversion stage, has resulted in what sounds like the best ESS9038Pro I have heard. The current mode amplification works extremely well with low impedance planar magnetics, but also really well on high impedance like the Sennheiser HD650. The power output may seem low on paper, but this is pure class A amplification that sounds way more powerful!

Inputs and outputs are plentiful and build quality of this thing is top-notch, even surpassing the Chord DAC/amp I'm comparing it to. It also comes with a fully functional remote that can control most operations on the unit.

This will come with all original accessories and packaging. Payment includes shipping to the continental USA. I am a long time head-fi member and have plenty of feedback, so rest assured you will get what is pictured and described. Thanks for looking!

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