Closed: Quad VA-One headphone amp, dac, integrated amp
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The VA-One is a 'built like a tank' Quad headphone and speaker tube amp with a built-in dac.

I bought it to use as a headphone amp and it is outstanding at that. I love a good tube headphone amp. There is a built-in dac which is good enough, but my Chord is better and I've used it through the line in's.

I plugged my Proac Tablette 10 speakers into this - WOW! Made them sound like my Quad ESL's on voices. The EL84 is my favorite tube and sounds amazing in this amp. I've also run it with a $400 pair of PSB's and that was very good too. But this and's a match made in heaven.

Speaking of tubes... ALL ARE REPLACED. There is not a single stock Chinese tube to be found here. The 12AU7's are rare, NOS, French CIFTE tubes that I bought from Kevin Deal - $160 for the pair. Yes, tubes are all good - I put about $300 into re-tubing this.

Ships with manual and remote in original packing.

On a whim I plugged my Quad preamp into this - WOW! Yes, it makes a great power amp. Sounded amazing on my Quad ESL's and my Proac's.

This is a great little amp and a steal at this price. The tube cage is a royal PITA - I recommend you let me take it off and not even ship it. Yes, it's in perfect condition but it looks much better without it and it is a bear to get off and on. We can talk about this.

I will pay paypal. Shipping is $65 (I'll pay anything over). It's a HEAVY AMP, so yeah, shipping won't be cheap. I only ship to registered PAYPAL address.

I've had a lot of fun with this amp, but I've got a closet full to over flowing with gear and I'm trying to clean out the house.

Email if questions! Sorry, no international shipping.
Listed by: Jodet (20)
Listed: 2021-09-25
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