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I don't normally do this but I'm getting a lot of tire kicking PMs on this listing. I'm going to address a few things rather than answering each PM that I get.

There is a lot of talk about "battery issues" with these Sony DAPs. Relative to other players, they have fairly small batteries. They have super efficient amps and chips. Unlike other players that put out 2+watts per channel and run dual desktop chips, this does not have a laptop battery in it like they do. I like to make this comparison... You aren't going to drive your car on a race track and complain about gas mileage. If you ask this dap to stream DSD files and use every DSP built into the OS, you will not get much battery life. Maybe 7-9 hours. However, if you play local music with the Sony App and don't have the screen on a lot, you will get 20+ hours out of this.

The plus side of a smaller batter is that it charges VERY quickly.

Also, this player has been out for just over a year so don't worry about the battery being degraded. People have cell phones that have a charge cycle every day and don't degrade in that time. I use it a lot and charge it less than once a week to no more than 80%. As far as I know, Sony uses very high quality batteries. Worse case down the road, ship it to Sony's partner in NY that changes them. Here is the link. It's a very common player and should be easily changed down the road.

The OS is not sluggish from my experience. I use Tidal with non-essential apps disabled. I've owned an embarrassing amount of DAPs and this is probably one of the snappiest ones I've used.

Also, no... I don't have the original buyer's invoice but I'm working with them to get it. I should have it... eventually. As far as I know, it does not matter due to the device being out of warranty anyway. I think it's more of an issue for people that buy overseas. Please feel free to correct me if I'm wrong.

No, this will not power your HE6. I've used it with the Audeze EL-8 and the DCA Noire. They were not powered to their potential but still sounded great to ear damaging levels. I'd probably stick to IEMs or efficient full-sized headphones with this DAP.

That said... DON'T buy this DAP. Protect me from myself and my perpetual down/side/upgrade cycle. This is a great DAP. Force me to stick with it by not buying it. My Fir Neon was up for sale until I heard it on this DAP. If you buy it, I'm going to be forced to be disappointed with whatever I pick up next.

If you have OTHER concerns or questions, please don't hesitate to reach out. I'm happy to chat. I'm just trying to get the repeated questions answered.

Since I'm really feeling adventurous, I'm also going to open it to trades. Preferably a portable DAC/AMP or DAP.

Priced to move to fund other purchase!

Player is in excellent shape. There are faint marks on the screen protector (player screen is fine)and a super faint mark near the charging port that I can’t get on camera but good otherwise.

Please note that the player does not come with the stock case. It comes with with a clear TPU case as well as a black leather Dignis case (better that stock IMO). Please see photos. It also comes with all the packaging.

This player has high gain and therefore is the uncapped version.

US only please. Shipping and PayPal included.

Please let me know if you are interested or have questions. Great player. Act quick before I come to my senses and keep it!

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Listed: 2023-09-28
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