Sold: [Price Drop!]Heavily modified Fostex TH-900 Lawton Mark 4 Museum Quality African Rose wood
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Finally, after 2+ months I am posting part 2 of my sell off to cover medical debt. Sorry it too so long. I have been busy super busy with appointments and trying to get things covered.Hey everyone! Got some good news. I got approved for a kidney transplant by the Surgery team. Now I just need to see the the Nephrology team to get approved by them than I can go active on the transplant list!

People outside of the USA message me about shipping and we can try and work something out.

All Prices Include shipping, with in the USA, and PayPal fees!

Heavily modified Fostex TH-900 Lawton Mark 4 Museum Quality African Rose wood: These headphones have been heavily modified. I replaced the drivers with the MK2 TH-900 Drivers, the new drivers have about 10 hours on them. They have also be modded by @John Massaria on top of the Lawton full upgrade. The wood is a lot darker than the pictures show not sure why it is so light in the photos. There are also a couple of cosmetic marks on the metal around the cups. The cups themselves are in fantastic shape. They also come with a hard case. I also found a pair of Yaxi Pads that I'm going to throw in with the headphones: $1000 $950

More Photos:

r/AVexchange - [WTS][USA-ND][H]Covering Medical Debt Pt.2! (LSA HP-1, LSA HP-Diamond, Kennerton Rognir Dynamic, Kennerton Gjallarhorn GH40, TH 900, Philphone, Audio-GD NFB-1.38, Pi2aes, Heart Audio Cables) [W] PayPal
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