Sold: Pi2AES v1.0 + Nordost Blue Heaven Digital Interconnect (1.5m, bnc/rca spdif)
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350.00 USD
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  1. United States of America

  • My pi2aes v1.0, fully assembled, and built with a Raspberry Pi 3b+
    • Will come with a 128gb micro SD card included (pre-flashed with ropieeXL for easy spotify, tidal, airplay, and roon bridge support)
      • An ethernet cable is required to fully finish setup the unit (search "pi2aes setup" on google for a full guide to help with setup-- all steps are already completed except for the final step of configuring the unit to work with your wifi network.
    • Will also come with the meanswell power supply and adapter
    • Note this is the full v1.0 version, not the latest v2.0 version or the "lite" version
    • Note this has a small scratch at the top of the unit (the only reason for the "good" rating, otherwise is "excellent/like new"
  • My Nordost Blue Heaven Digital Interconnect (1.5m, rca with stock nordost rca-to-bnc adapters)

Selling because I'm leaving audio as a hobby and have already sold most of my equipment including all my headphones. I had owned a pi2aes before and loved it, but sold it in the past to simplify my setup (realized I was fine with just usb listening for convenience). But bought this again on impulse because my setup had changed and was curious-- but this was before I decided I wanted to just leave the hobby altogether. I never actually finished setting this up or listened to, so essentially this unit is like-new in the sense that it was never used.

The nordost blue heaven cable I believe is the best bang-for-buck in terms of quality and performance and ergonomics. I greatly greatly prefer it to the oft-recommended blue jeans spdif, not just because it sounds tighter/more resolving, but also because it's _way_ more pliable/easy to handle (the blue jeans spdif is a thick stiff hose in comparison), and the rca/bnc adapters are hugely convenient.

Asking for $350 for both the pi2aes and the nordost cable, including shipping to CONUS and all paypal fees.

Shipping will be insured and include adult signature required.

Happy to answer questions, thanks for looking!
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Listed: 2024-01-09
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