Closed: PD: QDC Fusion 4BA + DD Hybrid
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350.00 USD
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Price drop to $360.00

After buying some expensive new IEMs, it is time to move from some of the collection that could be considered overkill - both on my ears and my wallet.

QDC Fusion - 4BA + DD Hybrid - really nice and punchy IEM - it is not a slow hybrid and the workmanship is awesome. Comes with Tripowin Petricor OCC Copper/SPC/Gold Plated Copper - with 3.5/2.5/4.4 swappable connectors. $350.00

This is complete with original box, cable, tips (unused) - all in excellent condition - I do not see a mark on this IEM. It has low hours as I don't take anything nice out of the house - just listening from my computer and Monolith THX AMP/DAC when I have a few hours to listen - smoke free - pet free - again, never left the house.

Price includes CONUS shipping and Paypal. I have been here a while with a break for a bit and since I returned I have bought and sold :) my feedback should speak for itself.

I work M-F from 8-6, so any purchase will likely get packed the evening of payment and be shipped the following day.

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Listed: 2023-02-20
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