Sold: Mr Speakers Ether Flow 1.1 (open-back)
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I have a Dan Clark / Mr Speakers Ether Flow 1.1 (open-back) used for sale. I am not the original owner. They sound great (no abnormal issues)! They look great. I don't see any major scratches or dent. The pads and headband are in good condition. Please check the photos to verify.


This includes:
  • Ether flow 1.1 headphones
  • 6ft cable 3.5mm w/ 1/4" screw on adapter (unknown if this is the stock cable or aftermarket)
  • 15ft cable 4pin xlr (Amplifier surgery)
  • Three sets of front-damping filters
  • 3 vent tuning decals
  • “VIVO ‘’ dual-sided hirose-connector cable adapter to mini-xlr 4pin
  • Carrying case + outer pouch
  • Manual
Note: Unfortunately, I don't have the original box for these.

I've enjoyed them a lot lot! But I'm selling these to try something different. I'm thinking I want to try Meze 109 Pros if anyone has one for trade; otherwise looking for cash to fund them.

I'm looking for $620 shipped and paypal in the US.

Please let me know if you have any questions!!
Listed by: hk29 (44)
Listed: 2023-01-13
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100+ Head-Fier
Nice.. Ether Flow 1.1 is really a hidden gem in the audio hobby I feel. I have several various kilobuck headphones and somehow I think EFO ends up getting the most listening time due to how good it is at every genre + the high level of comfort. I think this is the first headphone Dan ever made that really hit home for me. GLWS.


100+ Head-Fier
Thanks! As I was looking to list it, I rewatched a few YT reviews: and they're all relatively very positive (except the one that said $1700 was way to high).
I agree that $1700 (msrp at the time) is too high but these honestly compete in the kilobuck range especially if you have the right amp. Just a great headphone and the 1.1 update improved / refined it even further.


100+ Head-Fier
Do these sound like an open ETHER C1.1 with more of a mid-bass boost?
It’s been a bit since I’ve owned ether c flow 1.1 so going from memory.. the Ether C is more sterile and less musical sounding than the open back version. Personally I sold the closed and kept the open because it was much more enjoyable. I recommend the C if you’re trying to mix audio.. but open back if you’re listening/consuming that same audio. The Ether C F has a bit more sub bass extension but open back has a fuller thicker bass, better mid range and crispier treble. It’s more alive & engaging as far as the listening experience goes. Hope this helps.