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I'm selling my Silver Metrum Pavane R2R ladder DAC, in perfect cosmetic and functional condition. I am the original owner. Purchased directly from Metrum Acoustics. Operated in a non smoking dedicated room.

Fit 'n Finish
- The Pavane is an R2R ladder DAC, supporting SPDIF, XLR, BNC, Optical, USB and I2S inputs; and RCA or XLR outputs
- It comes with a USB module installed but an I2S module is provided in the box for 5 minute plug and play installation in place of the USB Module. See pictures illustrating simple single screw installation of modular unit.
- The top panel is a sandwich of steel and 4 millimetres of tempered black coated glass and giving it a very distinctive look.

Sound Footprint
- This DAC is special! It gives your digital music more weight, body and tonal richness; as well as outstanding clarity and inner detail.
- Sounds like liquid Plasma - the sound is so effortless; rich in tone; thick and resonant.
- It provides a natural sense of the space in the recording; doing a wonderful job of presenting even the most complex music in a natural and inviting manner with every last ounce of nuance intact.
- Dynamic attack can be startling, sounds don't appear... they are JUST THERE!
- The interesting thing to me was that the Pavane presents well recorded music in glorious detail, but also presents poor recordings in a natural framework to be easily listenable. Best of both worlds.
- With a Noise floor or -155 db the Pavane is dead quiet with a black background.

Comes with remote, I2S module plus USB, original packaging.

Sells for $4800 new. Will entertain reasonable offers.
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Listed: 2022-06-28
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Headphoneus Supremus
It’s a level three, but there there are DAC two and DAC three modules that you can get with the level three. This has the DAC two. I had the DAC two and bought the three to try them, and subsequently sold them. To me the DAC three seemed to follow the evolution of the Sonnet Morpheus. It has detail and soundstage, but at the same time losing the musical richness. I think the Pasathea even took it one step further in losing that musicality. I’ve owned all three. The Pavane with the DAC two chips has ability of giving great detail and beautiful musicality at the same time.

The only reason I’m selling the Pavane is I’m leaving the hobby for the upteenth time :). If it wasn’t for the fact that I could use the money, I would just keep it on the shelf for the next time I’m back in.

I’m willing to entertain all reasonable offers.